How to choose the right probiotics?

How to choose the right probiotics?

Probiotics must pass many experiments and tests from production to consumption.

Good probiotics must fulfill the following conditions:


Certainty –They have to reach the intestines and demonstrate its ability for intestinal colonization.

Stability –They have to be stable during processing and storage.

Safety –Documented Validation, Safety Assessment, Professional Production.

Through embedding technology, hoscode enhances the resistance of its probiotics against damage from gastric acid and bile salts, improves the probiotics’ ability to colonize the intestines, boosts the vitality of the probiotics, and maintains stability during immunomodulation and preservation, so that the good bacteria can successfully reach the intestinal tract and survive, in order to demonstrate its beneficial effects.


Things you should know about hoscode probiotics:

★ Each stick contains more than 10 billion CFUs of live bacteria.

★High-tech patented embedding technology, no need for refrigeration, high vitality and stability.

★Ensure arrival at the intestinal tract and successful intestinal colonization for noticeable results.

★ After testing on human subjects at National Cheng Kung University, they have been found to successfully alleviate people’s intestinal problems.

★The high-quality, easy-to-tear aluminum foil packaging allows for easy carrying for instant replenishment anytime, anywhere.