13 product benefits

13 product benefits


1. Probiotics specially developed for Taiwanese

2.hoscode contains 8 select probiotic strains, and incorporate 6 symbiotic technologies, for the promotion of health

3. An innovative and patented natural embedding technology to ensure the delivery of live probiotics to the intestines

4.Professional evaluation of safeness for consumption via academic research literature

5. Professional and safe manufacturing process for superior stability

★ Halal certification ★ ISO22000 ★GMP food hygiene manufacturer ★Well-recognized SGS laboratory testing

6. Can be consumed immediately, patented live probiotics without the need for refrigeration

7. Effective protection of probiotics against damage from digestive juices and bile salts

8. Clinical efficacy on the human body confirmed

9. Each stick contains more than 10 billion live probiotic CFUS.

10. Easy-to-tear type of packaging, safe to carry, and resistant to moisture and oxidation

11. Select probiotics carefully cultured from Turkish yogurt

12. Suitable for ovo-vegetarians

13. Stylish and light, with a rich and textured taste