hoscode Brand Values

hoscode Brand Values

Mr. Li, Cheng-shou, the founder of hoscode, defines hoscode brand values:

Commitment to ‘pureness, virtue, beauty, trust, hope, and love’


Pureness: Businesses should go with the flow, back to the basics, to maintain the truth.

Virtue: Business people should do good for others, and act in good faith and intention both within and outside the company, as goodness is of ultimate importance.

Beauty: Business people should be morally upright, be well-behaved, and be sincere towards others.

Trust: Business people should prioritize the establishment of trust and credibility, and view the maintenance of public trust as a fundamental.

Hope: Business people should share their positivity in order to effectively serve the community.

Love: Business people should not be full of complaints; they have to enjoy serving others and be willing to care for others, displaying the noble virtue of being thoughtful and considerate towards all.