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The benefits of probiotics for children/ the benefits to supplement with probiotics for teenagers


During the developing stage of childhood, food and environment gradually change the ecology of the intestinal flora in the body. Supplements of suitable probiotics may help improve a child’s diathesis.

The benefits of probiotics for children

1.Continuous intake of suitable probiotics for more than 3 months may increase nutrient absorption.

2.The robust functions of digestion and absorption require probiotics to help maintaining good health and overcoming the learning obstacles for childhood.

3.Probiotics can decrease the discomfort arising during season change and regulate physiological functions.


Teenagers like to eat fried food with lots of high protein (meat), and drink sugary drinks. They need probiotic supplements to maintain intestinal health.

The benefits to supplement with probiotics for teenagers

  1. Sufficient probiotics can help adjusting the diathesis and promoting metabolism.
  2. Probiotics may help maintaining digestive functions, reduce the occurrence of gastrointestinal discomfort, and promote nutrient absorption.
  3. Probiotics lessen the unfavorable hoarding of the body and remove the unrequired.